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Regulating Emotions, Improving Capabilities, Strengthening Relationships

טיפול בילדיםTreating Children: During the last ten years we have developed a unique therapeutic approach to working with children displaying a set of difficulties such as behavior problems, regulating emotions, impulsivity, aggression, ADHD, temper tantrums, resistance to adult authority, lack of motivation …

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טיפול במתבגריםTreating Adolescents: Smartphones, alcohol, Loneliness, self-injury and cutting, risk taking, difficulty in finding meaning, lack of motivation and antagonism towards school – teenagers today must face not only the challenges that were always part of being a teen but also the challenges emerging  from the social technological environment of our time …

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טיפול זוגיCouples Therapy:   We treat couples in a way they feel the change from the first session. Our work with couples combines sensitivity and effectiveness and leads to rapid changes in marital patterns, rebuilding of trust, taking responsibility for behaviors that harm the relationship and the reestablishing of connection and intimacy…

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קבוצותSocial Skills:           In order to help kids develop successful friendships, to combat loneliness and isolation, to experience togetherness we created groups…

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שיטת מראותSystemic Mirroring:     An advanced emotional regulation approach seeking to help children, their parents and schools reconnect through the regulation of the emotion of shame…

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קורסיםTraining:                           We provide training for therapists and school teams in the Systemic Mirroring approach. During the training participants are exposed to … .

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More On Marot

At ‘Marot’ we believe in:…


Doing what works, learning and being up to date with new innovative treatments, striving for change, building on strengths


Respecting the client, taking responsibility, being real, facilitating respectful relationships between family members


Seeking collaboration, Treating the client as an expert, planning together, building bridges between the family and the school, experiencing the togetherness and belonging to a group and a community


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